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Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (PMMA)


About PMMA



The Founder




PMMA was born from the pursuit of two burning ambitions. Malaysia's embarking on an ambitious industrialisation programme aimed at import substitution in the early '60's and Matsushita's pursuit of an active internationalisation policy .


Work on the factory started in early 1966 and PMMA was the first factory in the newly-opened industrial site. With the help of 15 pioneer workers mainly from Klang and 20 Japanese engineers, PMMA produced it first product - dry cell batteries, black and white television sets, electric fans and later, refrigerators.


Check out the history!

*After Year 2005, MELCOM is known as PMMA.




  • Malaysia's first Prime Minister, YAM Tunku Abdul Rahman visited Matsushita in Japan, setting the stage for the eventual creation of the first Matsushita, MELCOM in Malaysia.


  • Company established on 3rd Sept with Matsushita Electric Co. Ltd, of Japan initially holding 90% of the equity and the remaining 10% by Hagemeyer Trading Co.


  • MELCOM became a public listed company in November, 1966 and raised the paid-up capital to RM3 million by inviting Malaysians to subscribe 50% of the equity, paving the way to listing in the KLSE in December 1966.


  • Opening ceremony by Minister of Commerce & Industry, Dr Lim Swee Aun. Production achievement : Dry Cell Battery reached 1 million monthly 





  • First Malaysian as Chairman - The late Tan Sri Haji Noah b. Omar, a Malaysia, took over Mr. A Takahashi's designation as Chairman of the Board.


  • The National fans were awarded the SIM (now SIRIM) Certificate of Quality - the first in Malaysia to be given the award. 

  • Dry cell batteries was subsequently accredited with SIM Certificate of Quality in 1976.


  • Company's 10th Anniversary.

  • This year marked the first decade of MELCOM's actual operation in Malaysia. A stylish celebration heralded the production of its 200 millionth dry-cell battery, its 100,000th refrigerator and its 5000,000th electric fan. by then, its production and sales had expanded by ten times and the number of its employees by 4.2 times.

  • Managing Director, Mr Ken Kurahashi received "Johan Setia Mahkota" from the Federal Government



  • YAB Dato' Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the then Deputy Prime Minister visited MELCOM.


  • Tan Sri K. Matsushita was awarded "Panglima Mangku Negara" carrying the title of "Tan Sri" from the Federal Government




  • Dato' T. Yamashita President of MEI  Japan,  was conferred DPMM which carries hte totle of "Dato' Paduka Mahkota Selangor" by His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Selangor on 8h March 1980. The ceremony took place on 13th February, 1981 with the YAB Dato' Haji Hormat Bin Rafei, the then Menteri Besar of Selangor, giving away the award.



  • The fourth Managing Director Mr M. Mori took over from Mr. T. Fujii.


  • Mr H. Osaka took over as the fifth Managing Director

  • The Bangi Plant was officially opened by Dato' T. Yamashita, the then President of MEI Japan.


  • The 'Action 86' campaign (1984 - 1986) was implemented. It was a three plan year plan initiated by the Matsushita Headquarters in Osaka, Japan to increase the group's Operational competence.

  • An EDOCA campaign was also launched. The stood for Etiquette, Discipline, Orderliness, Cleanliness, and Arrangement.



  • Launching of Re-design and Improvement through Analysis of Line balance (RIAL) : efficiency and effective manufacturing programme in MELCOM


20th Anniversary

  • With the unyielding determination and challenging power of MELCOM accumulated over 20 years of glorious history, the time was right to magnify its strength. MELCOM's 20th Anniversary marked its entrance to a new era to challenge for the future. Today, the spirit of commitment and achievement still lives on. 

  • Mr. T Akita, took over as the sixth Managing Director from Mr. H Kosaka. 

  •  This year marked a new era for MELCOM with  introduction of new range of products e.g the gas cooker, ventilating fan and electric home shower. 

Mr. T. Akita, the 6th Managing Director


  • "Challenge 25" was launched with the aim to achieve 25% of total cost improvement and to acquire the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) Certificate for its electric irons. 




  • Dato' A Tanii, President of MEI Japan, was conferred the award of Dato'ship ("Dato' Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah" - DSSA) by his Royal Highness, The Sultan of Selangor in conjunction with His Royal Highness' 64th birthday which fell on 8th March 1990.The conferment was due to the good performance and contribution of Matsushita in Selangor



  • The Matsushita Sport Centre was officially opened in conjunction with opening of the opening 14th Inter-Matsushita Games. 

  • The official opening of its fourth plant - SA2 Plant in Shah Alam. It houses the production of Vacuum Cleaner and fan. 


Company's 25th Anniversary



  • Tan Sri Matsushita was conferred "Panglima Setia Mahkota" carrying the title of "Tan Sri" by the Federal Government.

  • Awarded first ever National Industrial skill Development by Ministry of Human Resource



  • Winner of Tenaga Nasional electrical invention competition for energy-saving ceiling fan

  • Received award from MPSA as one of the cleanest factory in Shah Alam Industrial site


  • Launching of 1st Malaysian CFC-free refrigerator

  • Malaysia Ozone Layer Protection Award

  • MS ISO 9002 for Vacuum Cleaner

  • Certificate of Merit for Product Excellence by MITI for energy saving ceiling fan

  • MELCOM certified with MS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems Certification by SIRIM since March 1995


  • MS ISO 14001 Certification Award for Shah Alam 2nd factory 

  • Gold Award for dry battery by Matsushita, Japan

  • Lifestyle Research & Design Centre established

  • MS ISO 9002 for Colour Television


  • Introduction of 30% Energy Saving Fridge Tanto Series - A super-efficient compressor enables the Tanto to conserve 40% in energy. Thus making it the first refrigerator range to receive the JBE's Energy Saving Approval.

  • MS ISO 14001 Certification (PK Plant).

  • MS ISO 14001 Certification (SA1 Plant) 




  • MELCOM's products were awarded the 'MALAYSIA GOOD DESIGN MARK AWARD'. The successful products were SMART COOKER NF-S40 and GAS COOKER (Taikoen) GT-210MAF

  • Received Tenaga Nasional Berhad's Energy Efficient Design Award for Fridge - The MELCOM NR-B33T Refrigerator received the Top Inventor Award in the refrigerator Category

  • MELCOM's Taikoen Gas Cooker Wins Prestigious Award - The green product category award was given to MELCOM because of the Taikoen Gas Cooker, which achieved high energy savings (gas) of up to an astounding 30%. MELCOM is also the first company to introduce an energy saving standard and logo for gas cookers in Malaysia.

  • MELCOM Family Day at Sunway Lagoon - The MELCOM Family Day on 26th March 2000 at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park was certainly a fun filled day for employees and their families.

  • Yang Dipertuan Agong visits MELCOM

  • First Ladies Club visits MELCOM

  • 2000 World Q-Map Audit

  • All Matsushita World QCC Convention

  • Challenge 2000 Launching Ceremony - Challenge 2000 Final Year Launching ceremony were held consecutively on the 28th of March at the SA1 Auditorium and Cafeteria respectively. 

  • MELCOM's fully automated washing machine and its first export shipment to Japan.


  • Malaysia Good Design Mark - Fridge Tanto ‘R’ Magic Top
  • MITI Industry Excellence Award - Design (Special Award) - Refrigerator TANTO-R
  • Certificate of Appreciation (SIRIM) - SIRIM Best Customer of the Year 2001.
  • The production of Electric Iron rolled out the 25th million set
  • MELCOM launched the VALUE 21 Campaign - a 3 year strategic plan.


  • MEI President, Kunio Nakamura's visit to MELCOM
  • MITI Industry Excellence Award 2002 for Refrigerator (NRB 4207) Design (Special Award)
  • Malaysia Good Design Mark - Refrigerator, Ceiling Fan, Blender
  • MELCOM support Ozone Layer Protection Programme in International Ozone Day Celebration at PWTC.
  • MELCOM & PM Sponsor Malaysia Property Expo MAPEX 2003 at PWTC
  • PM Sales Convention 2003
  • A delegation of 22 Iranian dealers and 4 other trade representatives from Iran Visit to MELCOM SA2
  • MELCOM hosted the 14th Malaysian Matsushita Group Technical Skill Competition which was held at the CIAST, Shah Alam. This event was officiated by the Minister of Human Resources, YB Datuk Fong Chan Onn.
  • MELCOM introduced the first Cell Production System for Ventilating Fan at SA2.
  • 25th All Matsushita Sports Carnival 2002, officiated by the Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Datuk Ong Tee Keat.
  • All Matsushita Matsushita Safety and Healthy Campaign Competition
  • MELCOM's 2002/2003 Big Sister organized a visit to a private school, Sekolah Maju Setiawan, Perak. MELCOM presented the school with a set of refrigerator and a washing machine, with the objectives of improving the lives of down syndrome kids, as well as to educate them in becoming more independent in terms of food storage and doing their own laundry.


  • MELCOM's 35th Anniversary Celebration

  • SMIDEC Annual Showcase 2003

  • Farewell / Welcome for Mr Toshihiko Sakabe and Mr Yuichi Shimizu, Managing Director

  • MITI Industry Excellence Award 2003 for Gas Hob (Design Excellence)

  • 26th MELCOM In-House Technical Skill Competition

  • Malaysia Good Design Mark Award for Gas Hob and Refrigerator

  • All Malaysia Matsushita Sports Carnival 2003 

  • Blood Donation Campaign 2003


  • MELCOM's 36th Anniversary Celebration

  • 27th MELCOM In-House Technical Skill Competition



  • MELCOM's 37th Anniversary Celebration


  • MELCOM won 2 platinum awards for Washing Machine and Refrigerator in the Reader's Digest Asia's Super Brands Survey 2005.

  • Malaysia Good Design Mark Award 2004 for Ceiling Fan and Refrigerator which was awarded by MITI.

  • April 2005 - President of MEI Japan, YBhg Datuk Kunio Nakamura was conferred with Darjah Panglima Jasa Negara (P.J.N) (Honorary by DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Agong XII of Malaysia

  • Company name change from Matsushita Electric Company (Malaysia) Berhad to Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad or PMMA in line with global brand unification, further strengthening Panasonic brand competitiveness and enhancing brand value worldwide.

  • The ISM Working Committee setup in June 2005 in line with MEI Global ISM policy that aims to effectively manage and control confidential corporate and private individual information.


  • PMMA's 38th Anniversary Celebration


  • Our newly developed vacuum cleaner model had won the Good Design Award 2005 awarded by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization and Panasonic Design Centre.

  • Received the Malaysia Good Design Mark Award 2005 from Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment for our Ceiling Fan.

  • The company has been awarded the Reader's Digest's Trusted Brands Awards and Platinum Awards for 6 consecutive years since 2001 for various product categories. These awards are testimonials of the consumers' trust, confidence and recognition in our Panasonic Products.


  • PMMA's 39th Anniversary Celebration


  • Received the Malaysia Good Design Mark Award 2006 from Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment for our Super Deluxe Ceiling Fan F-M15E6 - NAMI.


  • PMMA's 40th Anniversary Celebration


  • For the 12th consecutive year, the Company had been awarded the prestigious Malaysia Good Design Mark by Malaysia Design Council for various product categories. PMMA received 8 product award :-

    Home shower - DH-3ED1M and DH-3EP2M
    Ceiling Fan - F-M14C7
    Blender - MX-337 , MX-799S, and MX-898M, 899TM
    Jar Rice Cooker - SR-JA157N, SR-JA187N, SR-JA227N

  • THE Panasonic Group of Companies in Malaysia raised a total RM65,537.20 for the Myanmar Cyclone Nargis Fund and China Earthquake Fund.

  • Panasonic are donating the complex following three significant celebrations last year – Malaysia's 50th Independence, Panasonic's 40th anniversary and 50 years of diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and Japan.

  • PANASONIC Manufacturing Malaysia (PMMA) emerged champion in four events in the 31st Panasonic Sports Carnival 2008 held at the Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam. Our contingent has made an outstanding achievement in 31st Panasonic Sports Carnival by capturing 7 Golds & 2 Silvers out of 16 games we participated.

  • On 5 September 2008, a stylish celebration was held in conjunction with the 10 million sets production achievement of the Vacuum

  • On 23 June 2008, through continued efforts to reduce the environmental impact on its operations, the Company had been awarded the Clean Factory Award 2008 by Panasonic Corporation, Japan Head Office.

  • On 2 December 2008, the Company received Innovation Activity Highest Award from Panasonic Ecology Systems Co. Ltd., Japan in recognition for its effort for cost reduction and quality
    achievements of Fan Products of the Company.


  • PMMA was named as “The Most Competitive Employer of the Year” by the Ministry of Human Resource. Our winning points were having manufactured a competitive range of electrical home appliance products and channelled our sales worldwide, strengthening operational efficiency through various innovation activities, good human resource development and corporate responsibility practices. The award was presented by the Honourable Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak during National Labour Day Celebration at Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil on 2 May 2009.

  • On 5 August 2009, PMMA was awarded the Clean Factory Award 2009 by Panasonic Corporation, Japan Head Office acknowledging the Company’s outstanding achievement and continued efforts in environment impact reduction.

StarBiz-ICR Malaysia Corporate Responsibility Awards 2009

PMMA has won the StarBiz-ICR Malaysia Corporate Responsibility Awards 2009 among the 20 finalists of public listed companies.

  • For the 13th consecutive year, the Company had been awarded the prestigious Malaysia Good Design Mark by Malaysia Design Council for various product categories. This year, our new products, bidet and dish dryer, 1 ceiling fan model, 2 home shower models and 3 blender models were accredited with Good Design Mark.

  • Panasonic brand is ranked the No. 1 brand in Malaysia by GfK Group which is one of the largest market research companies in
    the world, for the Company’s products namely rice cooker, blender, vacuum cleaner and 8 other Panasonic products based on
    GfK’s retail audit data of Malaysia unit sales from January to December 2009 and total service networks around Malaysia. On
    24 June 2010, the Company has also received the GfK Award for Home Shower No. 1 Market Share in Thailand. These GfK
    Awards represent an endorsement on the sales achievement in 2009 as well as Panasonic reputation and brand image.

  • Klang Town Clean-up Campaign - to cultivate greater awareness on the cleanliness and protection of our environment. Over 500 staff from Panasonic Group of Companies in Malaysia and Klang communities participated in this program.






Klang Town Clean-up Campaign
  • In the 2nd year collaboration with the Klang City Council, the Company was involved in  to cultivate greater awareness of the cleanliness and green activities in line with our eco ideas declaration. To support the aspiration of Port Klang declared as Clean Zone, we had contributed 50 polyethylene garbage bins that will be placed at the premises along the roads. Over 700 staff from Panasonic Group of Companies and Port Klang communities participated in this program.


  • PMMA conducted a “Berbuka Puasa” program on the 25th of August 2011 at the Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) for 250 children from five orphanages around Selangor.

  • 3rd year Klang Town Clean-up Campaign (Taman Sentosa Klang), To support the aspiration of Taman Sentosa to be declared as a Clean Zone, the Company had contributed “Zon Bersih” signboards worth RM10,000 that will be placed around the area.





Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (PMMA)